The Holistic Bookkeeper – Creating Order from Chaos

So what is Holistic Bookkeeping?

Well it’s all the usual bookkeeping services PLUS an added dimension. This Bookkeeper is not only a qualified Coach, I also hold Diplomas in Crystal, Holistic, Spiritual and Nutritional Therapies which I am insured to practice.

You may be thinking that this is somewhat incongruent. One is usually either a Bookkeeper OR a Healer; however, if you think about it, Coaching forms the bridge. This mix of skills makes me a well-rounded human being shrewd and businesslike yet empathic and compassionate.

Just to completely throw a spanner in the works, I am also an Astrologer of 30 years experience too! But think on this, what is it that connects Accountancy, Astrology and also Music?  Answer – At core just a whole lot of Maths! Urania is definitely my muse.

So more about me – my name is Gillian and if you haven’t already gathered I live in, yet manage to integrate, two different worlds. The practical, material, physical world we occupy in our outer experience and the deeply spiritual, personal, feeling, imaginal world that comes into existence at our birth and leaves with us when we do.

I qualified as a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians in 1999 and worked as Sage Trainer for a couple of years thereafter, concurrent with various Sage Bookkeeping appointments with a variety of diverse organisations. Hence I offer 14 years continuous experience of using Sage Line 50 on an almost daily basis. Present me with a bag of disorganised accounting paperwork and, as if by magic, I can create a neatly filed, accurate set of accounts.

As previously stated Coaching is the bridge between the worlds. We are spiritual beings living a physical existence. We need to navigate our inner personal world and operate in the outer material world; my skills will enable you to do this. Either you as an Individual by helping you sort your personal finances and lifestyle or you as a representative of a Corporate Organisation where I can revolutionise your Business Record Keeping Process and maybe offer some Business Coaching too.