Personal Services

Personal Services offered include:

  • Life and Organisational Skills
    Focus on Time Management and Organisational Skills.  A tool box for your everyday needs to help you manage your daily affairs from personal financial budgeting, reconciling your bank statement, dealing with authorities such HMRC etc to stressed out mums with chaotic work schedules and unrealistic deadlines to meet.
  • Problem Solving
    Understand the meaning of or behind any specific situation. An investigation into any work or personal issue to discover your potential options in solving the situation.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    Nutritional guidance, lifestyle and exercise.  How optimum nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can have a positive chemical change on your emotions, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Finding Your True Self and Empowerment
    Unmask the real you.  Learn to make friends with the person you really are and not the person everyone else wants you to be.  To own your own power with no need to give or take power from others.
  • Relationship Harmony
    Enjoy positive and satisfying relationships with minimum projection of identification and unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.  Be happy in all your relationships, be they with partners, parents, children, friends, work colleagues and pets.
  • Addiction
    Explore any aspect of addictive or compulsive behaviour e.g. eating disorder, gambling, substance abuse, workaholism, shopping, sex etc

The above are offered:

Face to face, By Telephone, By Email or By Skype.

Over a variety of timescales;

One off, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or any other arrangement to suit your needs